Resurrection Practice


Wendell Berry closes his classic poem, The Mad Farmer Liberation Front, with two words: “Practice Resurrection.”

For many, including myself, those words have become words to live by: a theological brief summarizing the Way of Jesus.

This past Easter season I committed to a handful of “resurrection practices.” Similar to Lenten practices preparing one for Easter, these practices intentionally engaged new words and relationships. Throughout the 50 days of the Easter season I sensed an increasing aliveness in the process of intentionally engaging face-to-face conversations, letter writing, and email exchanging.

It doesn’t happen easily for me. I find seclusion and quietness my formed reaction to pain and the drama of the world these days. My withdraw is part personality and part trauma-processing. So it was both a formational and a healing process to open up my thoughts and to engage new relationships.

As the Easter season ended a couple weeks ago, I have a desire to continue in similar patterns. It seems the resurrection practices have done their Resurrection work. Which leads me to the writing of this request:

I am looking for a handful of conversation partners. Not in a “How’s life?” kind of way, but intentional conversations regarding organic church-planting, ecclesial faithfulness, faithful presence, common good, and the like. If those words mean something to you, I am interested in exchanging words and thoughts.

Perhaps I will call this my Pentecost Practice…a working out of pastoral calling and community formation. If you are interested in processing with me…contact me at

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