Yesterday I received a text from a friend with a simple message; “Shane, I implore you to write.” With one sentence, he spoke many. This friend receives words as a sign of love and life. He was not asking just for his sake, but also for mine. What a gift! So, Nathan, I will seek to offer words in this Easter season. 

Last Easter Sunday, our family squeezed into the spaces between our remaining belongings and headed east. We thought we knew a general direction for our journey, but we had no way of knowing what was ahead. Easter to Easter has been a “sabbatical year” for us. It has included weeks of silence, days of rest, moments of desperation and celebration, ordinary days, many death stories (dying of our “selfs”), and beautiful resurrection stories. It has been a journey of relinquishment and experiencing the gifts of relinquishment

Today I looked up the words I wrote the Monday after Easter last year:

“Along the way, we will have to remind ourselves why we started this journey; to listen carefully to the calling that pointed us toward a new future and a different kind of life. Every day will be full of moments when we must remain determined to walk faithfully on the path before us. Undoubtably there will be doubt, and in those moments we must look for the trail markers left by our guide that say: Be a target of grace. Practice non-anxiousness. Pursue the joy set before you.” 

The gift of the last three sentences (and the stories behind them) continue to implore us toward new life.  It’s true, words can be a gift of life and love. 

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