Write what you know. 


“Write what you know,” they say.

What do I know? Actually, very little. My “knowing” has become less and less these days. I have left the camp of certainty to explore the beauty of curiosity.  

Abandoning the camp of certainty is not neglect nor disbelief – but rather, an adventure forward in faith. In becoming less certain, faith becomes more like…well, faith. In releasing the hold on my own conviction, one becomes more secure. For, as faith leads to salvation – certainty leads to pride. And pride…that is what I hope to be saved from. 

To write what I know…is to write my doubts. To write my doubts, is to declare the only thing I know to be true. To state my uncertainty, is to pursue something beyond my comprehension. 

This, then, is very good news. For I have little to write if certainty is the goal. But of doubts and possibility…the words are as endless as the view. 

One thought on “Write what you know. 

  1. Frances Crone

    So enjoy reading what you write. We were just saying, in life group this morning, how much you are missed. Francie Crone

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