Toward a Farm


Sam leaned over and said, “Dad, do you want to see the video I made?”

As I watched and read his words, I couldn’t stop the tears of joy. Behind these pictures and sentences are a deep understanding within Sam. He gets it. He knows where we are headed. He understands the importance. He sees the significance. He sees the future. 

Sam understands this journey is not just about us. Not an escape from routine or responsibility, but a calling. A sent life toward a different set of daily practices. A new liturgy leading our formation. A breaking of the imposed powers of anxiety and acquisition. A release of the held powers of competition and performance. A reoreintating toward faithfulness. A salvation.  

I asked Sam if he wanted to continue telling our story. He does. So we will be launching a new website for our new story-teller. Give us a week or so to get it up and running…and then follow along.

11 thoughts on “Toward a Farm

  1. Kim Fay

    Love love love this Sam!!! We also love having you just 15 minutes away and getting to sing this song with you on Sunday. Love our whole family! and the goats too! ;)!

  2. Elizabeth Bishop

    I loved the song and cried through the video!! We love you and can’t wait to see and read more! Miss all of you!!

  3. Uncle Mike

    Great Grandpa Ash would love this and you would have loved him and his farm. Is there a dugout canoe in the making to float the lake?

  4. Deb Attwood

    Mike and I cried during the video. Beautiful job Sam! Looking forward to seeing more from you! We miss you guys and love you!

  5. Jennifer Glodowski (Brave's mom)

    Great job Sam. Looking forward to the continued story so the distance seems smaller. Love you all.

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