It’s one thing to make a decision. It’s another to act upon it and follow through. 

We resigned our jobs. We sold our house. We hugged our friends and family. And we moved. 

As we walked our two oldest children into a new school this morning, they were giddy and perhaps a little nervous. But as Ashley and I walked out, we sat in the truck and cried. It’s more than transferred anxiousness. It’s a prayerful hope for good first experiences rather than pained regrets. A hope for a place of belonging rather than rejection. 

This afternoon we sat and made a list of priorities important for us in these days of change. At first our list was full of tasks: Find a job. Unload the trailer. Find a job. Start a new bank account. Find a job. 

But then we remembered we already have a list of priorities:  

Be a target of grace. 

Rest in non-anxiousness.  

Pursue joy.

We are continually reminding ourselves why we started this journey. The calling that is pulling us into a new kind of future. A different kind of life. We know every day will be full of moments when we must remember. And we are determined to walk faithfully on the path just to see where it goes. 

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