Lent: Day 29


For Lent I committed to a daily practice of words. Some days it’s merely a discipline. Other days it’s a healing oil of untold story. But everyday it’s simply my own Lenten journal: a practice toward resurrection. 


The past three days have been beautiful. Friday evening we celebrated life with a bunch of friends. It was cool to see our different communities of relationships in one space. Neighbors, families and teachers from our kid’s school, church families, track and XC girls and their families, co-workers from hospital, intentional journey friends, ministry-partnership friends, pastors from in town, and even some life-long friends from out the area drove in for the occasion.  

There’s no other way to say it except that we are truly blessed by so many beautiful relationships. Relationships that will last forever. Distance holds no power over this kind of love. Separation isn’t a thing with so many strings of connection. We are grateful. Thankful for the words. We are healed by hugs. 

On Saturday I spent the day with my Dad. We added brakes to our trailer, talked about life, and once again he offered his unlimited experience and smarts. I have much to learn from his calmness and wise ability. I’m grateful for the invention of the phone…cause I’ll be calling often. Hope he knows a little about farming too…

Sunday I took my friend William Williams out for breakfast. I have much to say about this guy. I love his story. I have been shaped and changed by him. William is a gift to me. Perhaps tomorrow I will tell some more of his story. 

It has been a full weekend. And as we continue in the journey toward resurrection…we feel both the sorrow and the pending joy. 

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