Lent: Day 27


I write because it forces me to read. I read to discover thought outside of my own. For the tiny world contained in my own thought is a very limited reality indeed. Without the thoughts of others coloring my imagination I would drown in my own ignorance. Without “words from elsewhere” breaking through my patterned thinking, all my sentences with end with ellipsis. If left alone in my own reasoning, I will be incomplete. Incompetent. Inept. 

But there is something left completely up to me. Something to act upon all alone. It’s a one-person act holding the power to unite the world. A revolution by one. 

The act left up to me is the will to love. For love is a matter of will. And love is the revolution. The highest of all Christ’s callings. The deepest of all human experience. The origin of all things. 

As Robert Frost wrote, “I bid you to a one-man revolution. The only revolution that is coming.”  

If nothing else today…I will to love. 

To enrich the earth I have sowed clover and grass
to grow and die. I have plowed in the seeds
of winter grains and of various legumes,
their growth to be plowed in to enrich the earth.
I have stirred into the ground the offal
and the decay of the growth of past seasons
and so mended the earth and made its yield increase.
All this serves the dark. I am slowly falling
into the fund of things. And yet to serve the earth,
not knowing what I serve, gives a wideness
and a delight to the air, and my days
do not wholly pass. It is the mind’s service,
for when the will fails so do the hands
and one lives at the expense of life.
After death, willing or not, the body serves,
entering the earth. And so what was heaviest
and most mute is at last raised up into song.
– “Enriching the Earth” by Wendell Berry

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