Lent: Day 25


For Lent I committed to a daily practice of words. Some days it’s merely a discipline. Other days it’s a healing oil of untold story. But everyday it’s simply my own Lenten journal: a practice toward resurrection.



Ashley and I often sit at our table, before the sun has risen for its day of work, and offer our prayers for the day. Sometimes those prayers are spoken words to one another, expressing our hopes for the day. Sometimes it’s reviewing a plan as a planting of seed for opportunity. Sometimes it’s words spoken aloud as a statement of faith to things unseen. But most often it is quiet. Silence. Words unspoken. A recognition that the day ahead is yet to unfold. The path has yet to be explored. 

It’s something new being revealed in our life these days. A non-anxiousness we have intentionally postured ourselves to receive. It’s the life of true abundance. Not of schedules and a pursuit of useless stuff…but a gospel kind of abundance. Enough to evoke our daily gratitude.

As Spring changes color in hint of its near arrival…our days are beginning to change in reflection of what’s to come.

Sowing the seed
My hand is one with the Earth
Wanting the seed to grow,
My mind is one with the light.
Hoeing the crop,
My hands are one with the rain.
Having cared for the plants,
My mind is one with the air.
Hungry and trusting,
My mind is one with the Earth
Eating the fruit,
My body is one with the Earth.

– Wendell Berry

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