Lent: Day 22.5


Yesterday was day 22. And I didn’t make time to write. So I will pause on this Lenten sabbath and offer a 22.5 day post. 
Although I didn’t write yesterday, I did give myself to the practice of words. Yesterday marked the closing day of Intentional Journey…a month long spiritual formation journey. Every moment invested in this process has proven valuable and life giving to me. I’ve said it many times over the past year…but this kind of intentional formation IS the way of discipleship. I am grateful to have been part of this journey. Grateful to be part of these stories. Grateful they are part of mine. 

As Ashley and I look into the future…we know this experience will influence much of our own journey. Both as we practice formation in our family, in our community of relationships, and as we invite others to walk life’s path together. 

If you haven’t yet…dang it, sign up. 

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