Lent: Day 16


I bought a used truck. Or at least I thought I had. I drove almost an hour away to exchange a certified check for a truck I was very excited about. But we discovered the sellers bank would not release the funds immediately. So to compromise, I took home the signed title, notarized bill of sale, and the keys. He kept the truck in his garage until the check clears. I own it in every legal sense, but I don’t have it. It’s my already-but-not-yet truck.

Even though I know in a few short hours I will take the keys to the truck that I own and bring it home, even if I understand the sellers hesitation…the waiting is difficult.


On Thursday I received a rejection letter from an employment opportunity. When I opened the email, my stomach hurt. 


In a few weeks, we will be tearfully hugging our family and many friends. We will be homeless (only in the american-dream kind of way), jobless, and all of our possessions will be towed behind a truck that I paid for but haven’t yet received. 

Some have said we should be worried. Others have said we’re crazy. And today I confess there are moments when doubt and fear stand in front of me. But there’s an inner peace that surpasses understanding. A non-anxiousness. An awareness of grace. And a joy pulling us forward.

So, in the words I stole from my uncle Bob long ago, you might hear me saying… “Just hide and watch.”

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