Lent: Day 9


We do have some hopes/dreams pulling us forward in our new journey. We have sought to describe these dreams with words; words that will serve as a reminder, words we will speak daily into the practices in our life. The words inspiring us as we walk forward are: simple, shared, and sacred. 

Each word describes an act of resistance. A rebel kind of life. An up-stream, against-the-grain, alien-in-the-land, alternate way of life. For us it marks the road toward a faithful life. A full life. 

Today I don’t have many additional words. I only seek to remind myself to live into the simplicity, be attentive to the others around me and vulnerably share who I am and what I have, seeing every moment as connected and sacred.  

I opened an email thread yesterday from an conversation I had with the oft-mentioned WB. We were discussing these guiding words (simple, shared, sacred) as the beginning of a constitution of sorts or a life manifesto. I read his words again and again. 

“Shane…yes, I think God’s promise is that we will live together in peace, dignity and abundance. But abundance of a gospel kind need not be a lot, only enough to evoke your daily gratitude.”

Today I confess this as my goal. Today I will only hope for enough to evoke my daily gratitude.

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